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**Updated 02/14/2017*

Carpet Tiles

10 Things you should know

 1. No Snags, Rips, or Tears
 2. No Loose Seams
 3. Rubber backed for extreme durability
 4. Minimal Floor Prep needed to install
 5. EASY to repair and maintain
 6. Less expensive because of minimal waste
 7. Moisture Barrier backing perfect for Florida Weather
 8. Portable, as opposed to rolls of carpet
 9. Available in many colors and patterns
  10. They are Easy to install, even for DIY Projects!

Carpet Tile

Why choose Us?

Gator Carpet and Tile in Jacksonville, Florida, offers thousands of square feet of carpet tiles in stock and ready to go. Choose from a great selection of assorted colors and styles. Our carpet tiles are VERY reliable for any room in your home, including the office, den, or porch. Our affordable carpet tiles are ideal for high-traffic areas, especially areas that are lived-in, worked in, and may be prone to heavy spills and stains. Carpet tiles are the perfect solution for areas where future carpet replacement is inconvenient or impossible. We buy our carpet tiles direct from the mill by the truckload and can offer them to you at up to 80% off retail! Our clearance-priced carpet squares are end lots, closeouts, leftovers, and high-quality seconds. Carpet squares are easy to install for the beginner and can be used with NO adhesive at all! They are perfect for DIY, rental properties, new businesses, and anywhere you can think of! Carpet tiles are the perfect solution for daycare centers, churches, Internet cafes, and anywhere you need a tough-wearing surface that reduces noise better than hard surface floors. Choose a style that you like, and it will fit in your car, unlike rolls of carpet. Best of all, rubber backing makes the squares easy to clean and extremely durable.

More Reasons to Choose Carpet Tile


  • Least Expensive, Simplest Way to Cover Any Floor
  • As Durable as Hard Surface Flooring but 10 Times Quieter
  • Low VOCs Meeting CRI Green Label & Green Label Plus Certification
  • Weighs 40% Less Than Traditional Carpet Tile Backing for Easier Installation & More Efficient Shipping
  • 100% PVC-Free.
  • 100% Recyclable with Recycled Content
  • Contains 44% (8% Post Consumer, 36% Preconsumer) Recycled Content
  • Superior Performance to Traditional PVC Tile Backing with 8x Greater Tear Strength, 5x Greater Tensile Strength, and 2x Greater Delamination Strength
  • Superior Delamination & Edge Ravel Strengths
  • Solution Dyed NYLON
  • Made in the USA !

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